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Medium Frequency Spot Welder
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Medium Frequency spot welding system Features: 

1. Adopt medium frequency inverter controller, current is DC, 1000Hz, high productivity. Small size welding transformer but output power is big. The frequency of transformer can be inceared from 50/60Hz-1000Hz, very save the transformer marterial costs and weight. 
2. There phase power supply input evenly, it don't affect electric fence, The power factor ≥ 0.95, it won't be leakage the current beacause of increase the electrode arm sets to cause the contact resistance. 
3. Highly save energy. Lower welding current and pressure of electrode. The electrode life will be longer and more durable, straight away to same the marterials costs and production time. 

4. High quality. Comparing with traditional welder, the welding stability and concordance are better than others. The speed of controller and current feedback faster 20 times than tranditional frequency welding machine, very few splatter and stable spot point welding. 
5. Save power more than 1/3 compare with tranditional spot welder. To save the 
Cost for the users. 
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