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Main features:
1. The high-speed charging and discharging voltage circuit, digital per minute cycle count reached 124 times (set to phase failure is 100V). (see chart 1)
2. Quick thinking logic circuit ensures each discharge the voltage are preset value can work, which can ensure in high frequency welding work, won't have failed to reach to preset numerical and discharge work, thus affecting welding effect.
3. Digital electric voltage regulation reservoirs, adjustable 0 to 425V, accurate and can be from 1V rise or fall.
4. Accurate digital circuit, can control voltage error is less than 0.5 +.
5. Double overpressure protection circuit can guarantee the charging, voltage not beyond the preset safety standards to protect the capacitor.
6. Built-in and pre-established O.I S discharge safety time.
7. LCD counter.
8. Simple digital control panel buttons.

Functional specification:
Constant-current control: relative power supply voltage and load change, make the current control in setting current range.
Constant pressure control: relative power supply voltage change, make the voltage being kept in setting range.
Current slow rise: make the current set according to time to rise gradually, in order to prevent the gal insufficient pressure appear splash, and welding at the start of the primary splashes.
Pulse start: start switch (pedal switch) started, the sequence from pressurized time to start the execution.
Shows fault code: grid phase lack, SCR half wave, water temperature exorbitant, synchronous signal interrupt, memory data error of alarm function.

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