DN2 Suspended Spot Welder
D(T)N Fixed Spot and Projectio
DN3 Suspended Spot Welder
DND3 Single-side Spot Welder
DB Medium Frequency Spot Welde
Pneumatic Spot Welding Gun
XWH Micro-computer Controller
XW Secondary Cable
XT Suspended Transmission Syst
HW Series Spring Balancer
DN Pedal-Type Spot Welder
DN Pedal-Type Spot Welder  
Pedal Type Spot Welder
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DN Serises spot welder is widely used in welding of low carbon steel, line material and stainless steel in industrial production.If can master well the welding timing and current regulation, it can spot weld most of nonferrous metal.

The main transformer is made of imported high-quality silicon steel, with little power loss and low no-load current

Its exterior use machine-case structure.To transfer pressure, it uses spring pressing structure of lever treadle type.It`s easy to adjust, operate, and maintain.
Welder`s main return circuit is made of thyristor contactless switch circuit, so can turn off quickly, reliably.The welding timing is precise, with high precise welding, and fine repeating ability, so it can realize high-quality welding.

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