DN2 Suspended Spot Welder
D(T)N Fixed Spot and Projectio
DN3 Suspended Spot Welder
DND3 Single-side Spot Welder
DB Medium Frequency Spot Welde
Pneumatic Spot Welding Gun
XWH Micro-computer Controller
XW Secondary Cable
XT Suspended Transmission Syst
HW Series Spring Balancer
DN Pedal-Type Spot Welder
HW Series Spring Balancer  
Spring Balancers
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1)Less fatigue and improving working efficiency.
2)Keeping a tool away from damage.
3)Making the working space available widely.
4)safe works due to no electric power or pneumatic danger.
5)Accurate works and stable tool position.

1)Capacity: 9-120Kg
2)Travel cable: 1.5-3m

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